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Discover what makes our students successful

Learn more about our superior instructors and the possible health benefits that the inexpensive martial arts programs at Ong Taekwondo Academy can facilitate for you.

Taekwondo Academy | Harwood Heights, IL | Ong Taekwondo Academy  | 773-763-9200

OTA is one of the Licensed Taekwondo school in Illinois that is officially recognized and certified by kukkiwon Academy of Korea, which assures everyone that your TKD curriculum is at par with the current standards of the WTF World Taekwondo Federation. This also guarantees every student certificate and attainment are legal and genuine more over this protects your investment such as tuition fee’s and testing fee’s are all money well spent. OTA facility is one of the most well designed and constructed center specifically for martial arts activity. Our Instructors are highly qualified and experienced Taekwondo Masters and International Instructors as well as National Instructors with genuine certifications, accreditations and diploma.

Develop your body, mind, and spirit in a positive atmosphere

As a student, you will be surrounded by passionate instructors who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence in martial arts. 

You will grow physically (increased strength, coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular stamina) and mentally (increased self-confidence, concentration, patience, self-control, and optimism) with encouragement from your instructors and peers.

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